Charlotte Chapman

b. 1857-1858 (app)
Bedford Tempsford/Bedfordshire Tempsford/Beds Tempsford/Beds Temsford [sic]
bap. 20/12/1857 Tempsford, Bedford


John Chapman d. 16/04/1897
Susannah Wells Hooper d. 08/05/1917
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William Crane


1861 Scholar
1871 Lace maker
1891 Nurse

Also known as

Charlotte Crane

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Missed the Bottom Stair

Consequent upon a fall which she had on Christmas Day Mrs. Susannah Chapman, a widow, of 88 years, who had resided at Westgate-road, South Norwood, died on Tuesday afternoon. She thought tshe had reached the bottom stair, but had not and fell. She was attended by two doctors, who said she had fractured her thigh, and was subsequently removed to the residence of Mrs. Crane, her daughter, of Hathaway-road, Croydon. At the inquest on Friday Dr. D. M. Jones said death was due to injuries caused by the fall, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly.

Source: Norwood, Penge, Norbury & Streatham Telegraph (Croydon Times), 12 May 1917
Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service



The Croydon Coroner Dr T ??? held two inquiries yesterday (Friday) at Croydon Union Offices.
The first case was that of Susannah Chapman, aged 88, widow of a wheelwright formerly of 9 Westgate-road, South Norwood. At Christmas time the old lady fell down the stairs. She said that she thought she had reached the bottom but ?? a matter of fact there was one step more. Two doctors attended the Deceased for a fractured thigh and she was ??? to the care of her daughter, Mrs Charlotte Crane, a widow, of Hathaway-road. Dr D. M. Jones, of London-road, who attended the deceased at the latter address, said that she developed bed sores and ulcers. Death occurred on Tuesday from the effects of the accident.
A verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.

Source: Croydon Advertiser, 12 May 1917
Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service


20/12/1857 Tempsford, Tempsford, Bedford
20/12/1857 Church, Tempsford, Bedford
07/04/1861 Langford end, Tempsford, Potton, Bedfordshire
02/04/1871 Main St, Irchester
05/04/1891 Samaritan Free Hospital, 161 to 171 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, St Marys, London
31/03/1901 118 Sugden Road, Battersea, Clapham Commmon St Barnabas, Battersea, London
02/04/1911 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon, Surrey
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