William Wickham

b. 13/08/1868
Mountfield, Battle, Ewhurst, Sussex
bap. 04/10/1868 Brightling, Sussex
d. 06/01/1955 St. Helens Hospital, Hastings., Hastings, HASTINGS, Borough of Hastings


William Humphrey Wickham d. 21/03/1924
Harriett Golding Catt d. 01/09/1939
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m. 03/04/1899
Annie Elizabeth Phillips Netherfield, Sussex d. 21/02/1946


b. 24/07/1899 William Wickham 13 St Mary's Road, St Mary in the Castle, U.D.
b. 16/11/1902 Arthur Wickham 28 Engleheart Road
b. 21/03/1905 Edith Harriett Wickham 77 Engleheart Road
b. 02/05/1908 Walter James Wickham 67a Milner Road Preston Brighton U.D.
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1881 Scholar
1899 Labourer
1899 Bricklayer's Laborer
1902 General Labourer
1905 General Labourer
1908 Greengrocer's hawker
1939 Labour
1946 Formerly a Bricklayers Labourer
1955 Builders Bricklayer retired

Also known as

Fuller William, William Fuller, William Wickham Fuller

Did You Know?

Possibly the Same Person?

Arthur William Phillips

Although William didn't marry Ernest Phillips's mother until Ernest was 4, Ernest's grandson has DNA matches to several descendants of William's ancestors.


13/08/1868 Mountfield, Ewhurst, Battle, Sussex
04/10/1868 Church, Brightling, Sussex
04/10/1868 Mountfield, Ewhurst, Battle, Sussex
03/04/1881 Netherfield Village, Battle, St Johns Netherfield, Sussex
03/04/1899 St John's Church, Netherfield, Sussex
03/04/1899 Netherfield, Sussex
29/09/1939 Lower Northland, Bodiam, Battle R.D., Sussex
06/01/1955 St. Helens Hospital, Hastings., Hastings, HASTINGS, Borough of Hastings
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