Joseph Bowhill

b. 1818-1819 (app)
Middlesex St Luke/Middx St Martins
bap. 15/08/1819 S Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
d. 21/11/1872 County Gaol Maidstone, East Maidstone, MAIDSTONE, Kent


Jane Bowhill
George Bowhill
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m. 11/05/1845
Sarah Ellis St Mary Lambeth, Surrey d. 17/03/1887


b. 05/02/1846 Thomas Ellis Bowhill Point Pleasant d. 14/12/1895
b. 05/06/1847 Joseph Bowhill 4 Smiths Buildings (at baptism)
bap. 08/07/1849 James Bowhill 4 Smiths Buildings (at baptism) bur. 13/01/1850
b. 1851 (app) Margaret Bowhill Middlesex Bethnal Green/Middlesex St Luke/Middx St Lukes
b. 23/06/1852 George Bowhill 5 Pages Place bur. 02/10/1853
b. 1855 (app) James Bowhill Middlesex Bethnal Green/Middx Bethnal Green
b. 1857 (app) Sarah Bowhill Middlesex Shoreditch/Middx Shoreditch/Middx St Lukes
b. 15/11/1860 Jane Bowhill 9 Smith Place (at baptism)
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1845 Labourer
1846 Labourer
1849 Laborer
1851 Dealer
1852 Hawker
1860 Hawker?
1866 Traveller
1867 Commercial Traveller
1871 Blacksmith
1871 Hawker
1872 Blacksmith - a prisoner
1873 Hawker
1875 Blacksmith

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Documentary Sources

DEATH AT THE COUNTY PRISON. - On Thursday last, a prisoner in Maidstone Gaol, named Joseph Bowhill died from an attack of apoplexy. He was committed from the Greenwich Police Court, on the 19th September, for a term of three months', on a charge of stealing books. He had not been put to hard labour in consequence of the enfeebled state of his health. The gaol surgeon, Mr. Hoar, attributed his death to apoplexy, and at an inquest held on Thursday afternoon a verdict in accordance with his testimony was returned.

Source: Maidstone & Kentish Journal 25 Nov. 1872 Page 5
Maidstone Reference Library


15/08/1819 4 Princes Court, S Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
15/08/1819 [Church], S Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
11/05/1845 the Parish Church, St Mary Lambeth, Surrey
11/05/1845 Thomas Street, Surrey
08/07/1849 Church, St Botolph Bishopsgate, London
09/12/1860 [Church], St Matthias Bethnal Green, Middlesex
02/04/1871 6 Anns Place, St Leonard, St Leonard, Middlesex
21/11/1872 County Gaol Maidstone, East Maidstone, MAIDSTONE, Kent
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