Emily Vinten

b. 1850-1852 (app)
Kent Keston/Keston Kent
bap. 02/02/1851 Keston, Kent


Sarah Clark
George Vinton bur. 19/02/1872
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m. 09/02/1868
Ambrose Bond St James Great, Middlesex


1861 Scholar

Also known as

Emily S Bond, Emily Sarah Venten, Emily Sarah Winton

Did You Know?

  • In 1871 Emily Vinten and her family were living in the same building as her father George Vinton.
  • The banns for Ambrose Bond and Emily Vinten's marriage had been read in Bromley, Kent, but the certificate states that they were both residing in Bethnal Green.
  • William G. Vinten married in St James the Great, Bethnal Green in 1867 and his sister Emily Vinten married there the next year. Both marriages were witnessed by an Annie Vinten.


02/02/1851 Church, Keston, Kent
02/02/1851 Keston, Keston, Kent
07/04/1861 14 Coldbath St, Greenwich, Kent
09/02/1868 Bethnal Green, Middlesex
09/02/1868 the Church, St James the Great, Middlesex
02/04/1871 2 Albert Yd, Lewisham, Kent
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