Mary Ann Vinten

b. 27/05/1832
of this parish
bap. 17/06/1832 St Margaret's, Lee, Kent
d. 27/02/1917 23 Brightfield Road, Lee, LEWISHAM, London


William Vintin d. 13/06/1846
Elizabeth Reed d. 22/04/1870
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m. 23/12/1860
William Upton Woolwich, Kent d. 14/06/1914


bap. 21/09/1856 William Vinten Eltham (at baptism)
b. 1861 (app) Maryann Upton Kent Eltham/Lee Green
b. 07/10/1862 Albert Thomas Upton Lee Green Eltham d. 11/12/1937
b. 05/10/1871 Richard Upton Lee (at baptism)
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1861 Laundress
1871 Char Woman
1917 Widow

Also known as

M Upton, Mary A Upton, Mary Ann Upton, Mary Ann Vintin, Mary Upton, Mary Vinten, Maryann Upton

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Documentary Sources


At Lewisham, on Tuesday, on the body of William Upton, aged 76, of 42, Brightfield-road, Lee. -The widow said that her husband, who had been a road sweeper in the employ of the Lewisham Borough Council, had had very bad health, and no one knew his sufferings except himself. He was ruptured and had shocking pains in the head. She had never heard him threaten suicide, but she thought that the thunderstorm on Sunday affected him. He went into the garden between three and four o'clock, and he was afterwards brought from the lavatory and placed on the bed, where he was found to be dead. He was known by the nickname of "Cuckoo". -John Mawer, a painter, also of 42, Brightfield-road, said he had never known the old man to be depressed or seen him the worse for liquor. On Sunday witness went to the lavatory at 4.15 and found Upton in a kneeling position, his feet being o? the ground. A rope which was round his neck was attached to an iron bar. -Police-constable King, 279R, coroner's officer for Lee, said he found a letter on deceased's shirt, and this the Coroner read as follows: "I now write a few lines down telling all of your doings to me and how I have suffered night and day till I am sick of my life. Mr. doctor's medicine stuff done me no good and the sufferings be too much. So good-bye all of you. God bless you all. I hope He will forgive me." -Dr. Jon Burroughs, of Lee High-road, deposed that the old man suffered from a double rupture and chronic bronchitis which he said had driven him mad. Death was consistent with suffocation, produced by hanging. -The jury returned a verdict of "Suicide during temporary insanity"

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17/06/1832 of this parish, St Margaret's, Lee, Kent
17/06/1832 Church, Lee, Kent
07/06/1841 Lee Green Eltham, Eltham & Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
21/09/1856 Eltham, Eltham and Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
21/09/1856 The Parish Church, Eltham, Kent
23/12/1860 the Parish Church, Woolwich, Kent
23/12/1860 St Mary Street, Kent
07/04/1861 3 Cottages, Eltham, Kent
07/10/1862 Lee Green Eltham, Eltham & Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
17/11/1862 Lee Green Eltham, Eltham & Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
26/04/1870 17 Robertson Street, Lee, LEWISHAM, Kent
29/10/1871 Lee, [St Margaret's,] Lee, Kent
29/10/1871 Church, Lee, Kent
05/04/1891 42 Brightfield Road, Lee, St Margarets, Kent
31/03/1901 42 Brightfield Road, Lee, St Margarets, Kent
02/04/1911 42 Brightfield Road, Lee, St Margarets, Kent
27/02/1917 23 Brightfield Road, Lee, LEWISHAM, London
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