Elizabeth Reed

b. 1794-1802 (app)
H???dshire/Stafordshire [sic]
d. 22/04/1870 17 Robertson Street, Lee, Lee, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent


m. 10/07/1825
William Vintin Lee, Kent d. 13/06/1846


bap. 21/11/1824 Caroline Reed : Vinton Bromley Common (at baptism)
bap. 05/02/1826 Edward Vinten Plaistow Bromley (at baptism)
bap. 19/08/1827 William Winton Bromley Common (at baptism)
b. 27/05/1832 Mary Ann Vinten of this parish (at baptism) d. 27/02/1917
b. 1836 (app) Eliza Vinten Kent Eltham
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1851 Laundress
1861 Laundress
1870 Widow

Also known as

Elizabeth Reed : Vinton, Elizabeth Vinten, Elizabeth Vintin, Elizabeth Winton, Elizbeth Vinten

Did You Know?

  • Although there is a Charles Vinton listed as the son of Elizabeth Reed in the 1851 census, it looks likely (from the lack of any other evidence for the existence of such an individual) that he was actually the son of George and Caroline Wooler.
  • Caroline Reed : Vinton and her brother Edward Vinten were both baptised in Bromley, but according to an 1826 settlement examination of their mother Elizabeth Reed both were born in Keston, which is where their grandparents William Vintin and Racheal Vintin were living in 1841.

Documentary Sources

234 Bromley June 1826 Kent Elizabeth Vinten wife of William Vinten now residing in Bromley in the said County upon her oath saith that she was married to her said husband at Lee in this County in the Month of July 1825. That her said husband is now a prisoner in the Gaol at Maidstone and she hath therefore necessarily become chargeable to the said parish of Bromley That her said husband is legally settled in the said parish of Lee as she hath heard him say & believes to be true, for that about three Months ago her said husband being out of Employ and in distress applied to the parish officers for relief (he and his family then residing in Bromley) and was relieved by them accordingly. Says she has two Children by her said husband viz: Caroline aged about one year and nine Months born illegitemate [sic] in the parish of Keston in Kent and Edward aged about five Months born also in the said parish of Keston Heads Vnder (?)

Source: 613/3/234
Bromley Local Studies & Archives


21/11/1824 [Church], Bromley, Kent
21/11/1824 Bromley Common, Bromley, Kent
10/07/1825 of this parish, Kent
10/07/1825 Church, Lee, Kent
05/02/1826 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
05/02/1826 [Church], Bromley, Kent
19/08/1827 [Church], Bromley, Kent
19/08/1827 Bromley Common, Bromley, Kent
17/06/1832 of this parish, St Margaret's, Lee, Kent
17/06/1832 Church, Lee, Kent
07/06/1841 Lee Green Eltham, Eltham & Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
30/03/1851 Lee Green Eltham, Eltham & Mottingham, LEWISHAM UNION, Kent
07/04/1861 3 Cottages, Eltham, Kent
22/04/1870 17 Robertson Street, Lee, LEWISHAM, Kent
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