Samuel Burchet

bap. 20/03/1814 Bexhill, Sussex


Samuel Burchett
Mary Mepham d. 05/12/1853
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Did You Know?

  • Although it seems strange that there was such a long gap between the marriage of Samuel Burchett and Mary Mepham in Warbleton in 1810 and the baptism of their first child Samuel Burchet in Bexhill in 1814, I think the evidence from the 1841 and 1851 Warbleton censuses strongly suggests that they are the same couple. In 1841, when the younger children were still living with their parents, the next family includes a John Mepham. And the 1851 census, when Kezia Burchett was still living with her mother, says that Mary was born in about 1791 in Heathfield.


20/03/1814 Bexhill, Bexhill, Sussex
20/03/1814 Church, Bexhill, Sussex
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