William Catt

b. 01/11/1825
bap. 04/12/1825 Westfield, Sussex
d. 16/03/1900 Masterton, , ,


George Catt d. 11/06/1863
Ann Kennard d. 30/01/1888
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m. 18/10/1846
Harriett Golden Phillips Oare, Sussex d. 24/04/1852
m. 23/08/1852
Harriet Turner Whatlington, Sussex d. 24/08/1855
m. 12/05/1857
Mary Ann Morris


bap. 03/01/1847 George William Catt Oare (at baptism)
bap. 04/03/1849 Harriett Golding Catt Battle Union (at baptism) d. 01/09/1939
bap. 01/06/1851 Ann Catt Oare (at baptism)
bap. 06/06/1852 Edmund Golding Catt B. U. (at baptism)
b. 11/08/1853 David Catt Fairlight
bap. 01/04/1855 Mark Catt Oare (at baptism) bur. 15/10/1855
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1846 Labourer
1847 Labourer
1849 Labourer
1851 Labourer
1851 Ag Lab
1852 Labourer
1853 Labourer
1855 Labourer
1855 Agricultural Labourer
1857 Labourer
1868 Bricklayer
1900 Tobacconist

Also known as

William Golding Catt

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Documentary Sources

Source: PAR 504/1/2/1
East Sussex Record Office

With only five weeks to the attainment of 100 years of age, Mrs. Mary Ann Catt died on Tuesday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. H. Judd, Bath Street, Eltham. She was born in Sussex, England, on November 10th, 1830, and came to New Zealand seventy-five years ago and settled at the Hutt. For fifty-six years she was a resident of the Wairarapa, residing in several parts. Her husband, the late Mr. William Catt, died thirty years ago. Mrs. Catt went to Eltham from Masteton in 1928. Until three years ago, when she showed signs of decline, she retained all her faculties, and well remembered many incidents of the early days of New Zealand. During the Great War, Mrs. Catt was an indefatigable worker in the interests of the soldiers, making clothing for the Belgian children and also the men in the trenches. One effort of which she was justly proud was the making of thirty-six hand-worked quilts for Belgian sufferers. During her residence in Eltham she was a well-known figure in her invalid's chair, and she took more than a passing interest in current affairs. Deceased had a family of eight, of whom four are survivors, namely, Mr. Henry Catt (Carterton), Mr. William Catt (Timaru), Mrs. H. Judd (Eltham), Mrs. Sparrow (Gisborne). Her numerous descendants include members of five generations.

Source: Otago Daily Times, Issue 21146, 2 October 1930, Page 10
Allied Press Ltd via National Library of New Zealand (reproduced under the terms of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/nz/)


04/12/1825 Westfield, Sussex
04/12/1825 Church, Westfield, Sussex
18/10/1846 Church, Ore, Sussex
18/10/1846 Sussex
03/01/1847 Church, Ore, Sussex
03/01/1847 Ore, Sussex
04/03/1849 Church, Battle, Sussex
01/06/1851 Church, Ore, Sussex
01/06/1851 Ore, Sussex
06/06/1852 Church, Battle, Sussex
23/08/1852 the Parish Church, Whatlington, Sussex
23/08/1852 Sussex
01/04/1855 Church, Ore, Sussex
01/04/1855 Ore, Sussex
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