Thomas Upton

d. 13/09/1840 Bromley, Bromley, BROMLEY, Kent
bur. 20/09/1840 Bromley, Kent


Mary Upton d. 25/05/1847
John Waters bur. 11/03/1835
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m. 19/01/1819
Sarah Sales Down, Kent d. 10/07/1856


bap. 14/05/1819 Sarah Waters Plaistow Bromley (at baptism) bur. 15/06/1820
bap. 22/07/1821 Charlotte Upton Plaistow Bromley (at baptism)
bap. 02/11/1823 Thomas Upton Plaistow Bromley (at baptism) bur. 18/04/1824
bap. 17/07/1825 Harriett Upton Plaistow Bromley (at baptism)
bap. 23/03/1828 Mary-Ann Upton Plaistow Bromley (at baptism)
bap. 29/01/1832 Hannah Elizabeth Upton Plaistow (at baptism)
bap. 14/12/1834 James Upton Plaistow Bromley (at baptism)
b. 12/09/1837 William Upton Parish of Bromley d. 14/06/1914
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1819 Lab.r
1821 Laborer
1823 Laborer
1825 Laborer
1828 Laborer
1832 Laborer
1834 Laborer
1837 Labourer
1837 Laborer
1840 Labourer
1856 Husbandman
1860 Wood Cutter

Also known as

Thomas Uptin, Thomas Waters

Marriages Witnessed

27/01/1827 Marriage of James Divehall and Mary Sales, Bromley, Kent
Note: because marriage records do not indicate the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom, this list represents likely involvement of the individual on the basis of a name match.

Did You Know?

  • Sarah Sales died in Southend in Lewisham in 1856. The informant was a Mary Divall; I think this was most likely to be Sarah's sister Mary Sales, whose marriage to James Divehall Sarah and her husband Thomas Upton had witnessed in 1827 and who had been living in Southend since at least 1829. (Mary did have a daughter Mary Divall but she would have been only 10 at the time.) Thomas's sister Louisa Waters had been living at White Foot Lane in South End in 1851.

Documentary Sources

420 Bell Inn Bromley 1st August 1831 Present Kent John Waters of Bromley in the County of Kent Laborer upon Oath saith the Pauper Thomas Upton is my illegitimate son and was born in the month of October in the year 1797 of Mary Upton Singlewoman in the Parish of Plymouth in the County of Devon - When the Pauper was about 14 or 15 year old I hired my said Son to Mr Edward Snowden of the Parish of Bromley ???id Printer for 3s/ a week and 50/ by the year - my said Son served his master in Bromley aforesaid for One whole year undersuch hiring, and I received my said Sons wages accordingly - my said son continued to live as a Weekly Servant with Mr Snowden at the Wages of 5/ a week for about 5 6 or 7 months - my said Son has done no act since to gain a Settlement elsewhere to the best of my Knowledge - ~At the Parish of Down in the said~ [struck through] Sworn before us




19/01/1819 Church, Down, Kent
19/01/1819 Down, Kent
14/05/1819 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
14/05/1819 [Church], Bromley, Kent
22/07/1821 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
22/07/1821 [Church], Bromley, Kent
02/11/1823 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
02/11/1823 [Church], Bromley, Kent
17/07/1825 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
17/07/1825 [Church], Bromley, Kent
23/03/1828 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
23/03/1828 [Church], Bromley, Kent
29/01/1832 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
29/01/1832 [Church], Bromley, Kent
14/12/1834 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
14/12/1834 [Church], Bromley, Kent
19/09/1837 Bromley, Bromley, BROMLEY, Kent
08/10/1837 Plaistow, Bromley, Kent
08/10/1837 [Church], Bromley, Kent
13/09/1840 Bromley, Bromley, BROMLEY, Kent
20/09/1840 [Church], Bromley, Kent
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